Darl Papple, Sr.

Darl Papple, Sr., an artist by trade — that is, he became a self-employed artist after he quit his job as a draftsman for AM General because he didn’t want to pay child support on two of his three children — is really a unique, one-of-a-kind guy.

Darl Papple, Sr.’s Family

He has two sisters, Janet and Julie (neither of whom could be considered normal human beings) and a mother who is as crazy as they come. His late father, Wes, was kind-of a decent person, but nobody who knew him could understand why he was with Jean, his nutty wife who used to beat their children with appliance cords.

Darl has one living brother, Dennis, whom he had “disowned” upon learning that Dennis was gay. For years, he spoke of “filthy faggots” and used myriad other derogatory terms, but he has since reconnected with Dennis because both of his other two brothers, Tom and Rodney, are dead.

None of Darl Papple’s three children have anything to do with him because he’s a mental case.

Darl Papple, Sr.’s Love Life

Darl Papple has managed to keep a girlfriend for quite some time, and she has kids of her own. He’s gone through a long list of girlfriends over the years, but once they realized who he was and what he was like, they split. Maybe the current one is a glutton for punishment; maybe she’s just dumb, or maybe she doesn’t care that he’s a child abuser.

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